Was that Myrkuls work?

Freja was riding at an old road, she know very well, when she saw two ladies, one was young, the other could have been her mother.
They both had an axe and were out cutting woods. They was in dress and hats and did not look like they belong to the forest. They looked very innocent and Freja could get close to them without they reacted like Mortals use to do. They just said Hello, when they saw Freja.

Freja looked at them, and was thinking, that she wanted to please Myrkul with this two lady souls.
Freja do like to tell why she attack, so she said: ‘Prepare to die foolish mortal. My master Myrkul requires your soul.’ and attacked one of them named Lovis. It did not look like Lovis wanted to give up her soul and she jumped on her horse, run to town.
Freja then attacked the other woman; the young one named Aliena. This lady did not run but tried to fight, she died fast.

She did not have much with her and Freja raised her again and told her: ‘Thank you for adding your puny mortal soul to Myrkul’s greatness’
She mumbled something, not easy to understand, then she asked:’ who is Myrkul?’
Before Freja could say more than ‘My Master and God’, Lovis was back and attacked Freja.

Freja and Lovis took a race more to town, Lovis did not know, that Freja know this forest very well and know how close she could go to town without get in trouble with the guards.
Freja went back to Aliena.
Aliena was still asking questions: Aha and what is your God saying about kill ladies?
Freja said, Lady Souls pleased Myrkul very well.
Freja told: My masters are undead lords. I’m only a slave yet serving my lords and their God Myrkul.

This lady was careless, she was rumbling around in her items, and then she said: Wow, a necklace, look! And she smiled to Freja.
Now, i am a rich lady or not? She said.
She again looked at Freja and said: can i ask you something, but, you must say the truth.
Ok ask Freja said.
Why are all the evils killing everyone, what do they want?
Freja did not have the answer for this, she could only try to explain, why she was killing, and even that made her trouble, she only knew, she had to kill to harvest souls to Myrkul, and she enjoyed it.

Lovis is back again, Freja attack her and once more Freja lose the race to town.
Lovis keep coming back, this time yelling ‘go ahead talk to Aliena and don’t shoot me, I’m a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB’
Freja did not know what a noob was, Freja attacked again.
Aliena started yelling, Stop, Lovis is my aunt, please not kills old ladies.
Freja stopped, did not follow the old lady to town this time.
Lovis was back again, yelled: TALK; don’t KILL me.

An evil looking mortal show up, there was writing GRANDOR: [Apache Warlord, Hun] on his clothes.
Corp Por – Energy Bolt, GRANDOR said, and then he laughs and run of with arrows hitting him his back.
Aliena keep asking: Tell me, what have i do with the evils in this land.
Of all the evils, who have killing me, no one has taken my stuff, why?
Bloodthirsty Freja said.

Freja looked at Lovis: I still need your soul for Myrkul, she said.
Take it if you want, Lovis said.
Freja said, she would let Lovis keep her soul to next time.
Lovis dropped all her items in the hands of Aliena and said: Ready to be killed.
Aliena started to beg: Kill her please now, I have all her stuff, please kill her.

Freja was wondering, what happing to this ladies and said no, not today.
Next time is early enough, Lovis said and smiled.
My stuff please I am freezing to death otherwise, Lovis said with a shivery voice.
Aliena, my stuff please, she demanded.
Aliena smiled evil, but did not give the stuff back.
Lovis attacked Aliena without having a weapon.
Let kill, Aliena said and armed her axe.

Freja dropped an axe for Lovis feet and the older lady turned out to be the strongest or the best to swing an axe and Aliena died again.
Haha Lovis said, and picked up her items from Alienas body.
Freja shake her head and left the ladies after she raised Aliena again.
Freja did not understand what made these two ladies bloodthirsty, could it be Myrkul?

Freja, Slave of Myrkul, [UDL]