Frejas first steps in UO

Frejas first steps in UO.

Freja was born December 1997 on the shard Atlantic. Blacksmithing, mining and tinkering was her starting skills.

She had heard about a mining cave north of Britain. She packed her backpack with her tinker tools and her pickaxe and started traveling north. At the way, she meet a big Ettin with two heads. This big guy attacked Freja and all turned black and white.

Freja could see her body on ground but did not know how to get back to life. She started traveling back to town. She meets a few player chars on the way, and tried to speak to them but they did not notice her. In the town, she found a NPC healer and he ressed her.

Back to life, she looked in her backpack, the tinker tools and her clothes was still there, as she was still new and the items she was born with was newbiefied .

Now the players could see her again and she asked for a few advices about dying and monsters. They told her, she needed to go in war mode to be seen as ghost, but even then, they could not Understand her, as her speak would only show as OooOOoooO.

A nice guy at the bank gave me a new pick axe, he also gave me a hatchet and a hammer. I could now make wooden shields together with armour and weapon from my ingots.

A few days later, when I was lumbering and was overloaded, a red saw me and asked what was wrong.  I was trying to move, I got so scared, I could not speak. I’m real female and my English was very bad, when I started, he also let me stay alive.

When I was mining near despise, a Dread Lord came, I don’t remember his name. He looked at me and said, you are newbie, so you will stay alive, and he left me alone. He also told me, the pass to Despise (a dungeon) was not the best place to do mining

I was like what, are some players going to kill me, I did not know that. This guy was red and a player killer but nice enough to let me in peace.

The next dread I meet, came in the mining cave near Despise. NW for Britain, he kill me fast, and I insta ressed, but he kill me again, I instant ressed again, and of some reason, he could not take my stuff, but I did not that or why. I found him outside the cave and asked him to give me my stuff back, he say, that he took nothing, I went back to my body, I could not take my stuff, before the body turned into bones. It must have been a bug.

I leaned not to instant res (saying yes to that popup about instant resurrecting), I had lost a lot of skill, that hurts and it took long time before I got them back, I got killed 2 time more in the mine the next weeks. I was scared when I saw a dread lord.

One day while I stood and digged iron ore in a cave, to make metal armor and weapons, there came a dread lord into the mine, and I thought, now I will die and I will lose my ingots and my armor and weapons (I was not yet strong enough to defend myself against players like him), but he just said hello and asked if I had a hammer, he could borrow, I gave him a hammer and tried to get my heart to act normalt again

A little after he came back, it was a smith hammer he needed, so I gave him my smith hammer. I had my tinker tools, so I was able to make a new one.

A little later, when I had just melted yet a big pile of iron ore into metal, he came back. He said that he needed ingots, and I thought, here goes my ingots, I asked how much he needed, 107 ingots he replied, oh, it was exactly what I had in my bag, so I could see that he had snooped my bag, I gave him 90 ingots and said, I need some my self to make a new shovel if it did break.

Then he asked how much he should pay for the ingots. I was still afraid of him and I said 400 gp. I gave him a price that was lower than normal, because I was still uncomfortable with him, he asked if I had calculated correctly, and I said that it was a special price for him, and it was nice to talk with a Dread Lord, without gettin killed, he laughed and told me, that he did not kill miners.

He told he would be back with the money , he disappeared through recall (a kind of teleportation), and came a moment later, and gave me my money, and I accepted them without counting them, he pointed out to me that he had given me a greater amount, as he did not need a special price, I checked the amount, and could see that it was above the normal price, I said thanks and wished him a good day. His name was Zaigar or something like that. I first meet him again several years later.

It was a good day for me, but the next day came another DREAD Lord, and killed me before I could count to three, so my heart is still beating some extra swipe when I meet a dread lord, until now I have only met 3 I could talk to without being slaughtered.

I learned to know other miners and we decided to get some fighting skills. I got my archery up and got some magery so I could recall. Most of my training was done in the forest around Britain.

I also started to visit dungeons. The risk for dying to PK’s was higher there but recall was a good help to get away when I saw reds. I started with the dungeon Despise north of Britain but Covetous become my favorite dungeon. The harpies there gave me a lot of feather for my arrows and enough to sell a lot arrows too.