Freja and Tina Tinks first day on Siege Perilous

First day of Siege Perilous

The sisters, Tina Tink and Freja look around, it looks like Britain, but something is wrong. Everyone look very weak and poor and Freja and Tina feel very weak and poor too.
Freja have a bow in her hand and 100 gp, a hatchet, a dagger and a few arrows in her backpack. Tina does have a smith hammer in her hand and 100 gp, a tinker tools and some ingots in her bag. Their backpack use to be a mess. Also their bank was empty

They speak a little and decide that they have to get back on their feet’s

Freja take her bow and arrows and go to the forest at East Britain. She kill find a few bird, a few sheep’s and cut some woods to make some extra arrows and bandages and after a while, she manage to make a bow.

She goes to the tailor shop and uses the spin and loom to make clothes for bandages.

On her way back to the forest, she drops a bow, her hatchet, some arrows and some bandages in East Britain Bank.

Out in the forest, she start killing animals and birds for the leather and feather and she grow a little in strengths for each of them.

She sees a few others doing the same and 5 guys trying to kill a lizzardman. They success it but before they can loot the spear on the corpse, an guy steal the spear.

All 5 guys get very angry and attack the thief and short after, he is dead and they get the spear.

Freja hope Tina is ok.

Tina went to the mine north of Britain, there was a lot miners, much more than the cave could handle.

Tina found a place to mine. She saw, there was already a forge in the cave, that’s nice.

Second time she went to the forge to smelt her ore, she saw, something was going on. There were bodies of dead miners around it and 4 players were demanding her ingots. Two of them were very red of the miner’s blood; the other two also have some blood on their weapon and hands.

Tina handed them most of her ingots and asked nicely if she could keep a little to make new shovels as they did break very fast in this world. She said, without shovels, she couldn’t get them more ingots.

They accepted and Tina was happy. Right now, the strength and the skills she got was more important.

She looked around, only few miners were left and many were pushing each others to get out of the cave.

Tina smiles, this was great, there was far too many in the cave before.

They did not demand more of Tina’s ingots and both Freja and Tina had a great day in their new world of Siege Perilous. They often saw one of the murderers in the forest, but she only said hi to them.