Trying to learn to fight

It seemed Frejas appetite for killing had grown greatly as a slave of Myrkul. She past a forest she had been living in before and there was a smell of mortals.
When she left that forest a year ago, it had been like dead, no one lived there more. Something happing in the large town near it and all moved away. She remembers it was something with the taxes; no one could afford to live there.

The first mortal she found, looked at her as she was an old friend and asked “what brings you back to the east wood?”. She told, she was looking for souls for her master Myrkul. “oh do you need mine?” he said. Freja said yes and armed her bow. He was brave but did not last long.

Freja looked at his remains, there was no gold and not really anything she wanted. She raised him again and left him. One soul was collected. Even when it was a weak soul, it was a brave soul.

She got 2 souls more that night, one more tried to fight to save his soul, the other one tried to run but was not fast enough to escape Frejas arrows. She found nothing she wanted on the first one, the runners had a little money and a little ingots in his bag.
She raised the first one; the second got raised of a local healer. The newborn mortal, sneak back to his remains. He picked it up as fast he could but dropped 20 arrows behind him, before he run away.

Freja lost 2 souls, they made it to close to town, and she could not follow.

The day after, when Freja got back to the tower after a hunt in the forest, she saw a mage, she use to know before. He immediate attacked her and she had to prove she had learned something of the advice she had got from her masters about how to be better to stay alive.

This mage was known as Shaar Barista, the founder of the town Safe Haven. Freja remembered how fast she use to fall for the hands of mages and she was amazed, that it took him very long times and a lot of regents to get her down. She was proud, and started to believe she would be able to stay alive against a powerful mage.

Freja know, it won’t be easy, but she will try hard to learn of her masters, and she will be worthy to follow them around on their hunts.

Freja, Slave of Myrkul