A trip to the dungeon Shame

A trip to the dungeon Shame.

I had bought a rune to the entrance of Shame, and there were fortunately no PKs when I arrived. Only one player and two orc monsters, I helped him take them down and went inside with him,

We did not stay together. I had an axe and my bow with me. The monsters was a little to hard for me so the bow worked best as it gave me the opportunity to run around with them while I was shooting, without even taking damage. Sometimes I was lucky enough to catch them behind some rocks so I could stand on the other side and shoot at them, it was perfectly fine.

I run out of arrows and took a trip to the bank, I took 200 arrows and dropped of some loot and gold. When I was back, there was a little to many monsters for me and when I tried to escape to the entrance, 2 Dread Lords showed up, both mages so I died very fast. I run to try to find a healer. I tried to get back to my body, when I was back to life but they would not let me near it and I had to start traveling home as I lost everything including rune and regs. Even when I did drop loot of once, I lost my weapon and armor so only good thing from this trip was the skills I got. I was now Expert Archer, they could not take that from me.

I began my long way home, I met quickly some who were going to Shame, as I warned them, and I asked if I could borrow a rune to a city bank and the necessary reagents to cast a recall spell (my spellbook was blessed, so it was only thing left in my backpack). They put a rune on the ground, and gave me 2 perls, 2 blood moss and 2 mandrake root. I said thank you and recalled.

I arrived at a bank and a city ​​I did not know, I asked where I was, but there was no one who wanted to answer me, maybe because I looked like a thief in my death robe.

I opened my bank where I had several runes back to Britain and recalled to the bank’s roof. I reopened my bank and found new clothes, armor, weapons and reagent; I could see, that my gold and resources was running low and I had to get some gold and resources to make a new axe and some armor. It was midnight Danish time and I was tired and logged off. I was not in best mood, so I did hope for more luck next day.