Cats out Hunting

Arana Stormcrow

First guyΒ Freja found was a miner. He refused to dance or strip, but he did say a nice poem.

Freja: πŸ™‚
Freja: I smell a man here
Freja: let me see you
Arana Stormcrow: uhmmm
You see: Arana Stormcrow
Arana Stormcrow: hi
Freja: hi
Arana Stormcrow: whats cookin
Freja: cockies no
Arana Stormcrow: pardon?
Freja: a little man strip and you will be safe
Arana Stormcrow: a man strip?
Arana Stormcrow: heheh
Freja: wild cats like man strip
Freja: or
Freja: you can sing for me
Arana Stormcrow: im sorry i dont know what that means…you want me to do a sexy dance??
Arana Stormcrow: ohh my voice isnt that great…
Freja: what else can you offer a wild cat?
Arana Stormcrow: hmmmm
Arana Stormcrow: I can say you a peom,.
Arana Stormcrow: poem
Arana Stormcrow: sorry, im medicated for a back injury
Freja: ok I will accept that
Arana Stormcrow: so im not too sharp at the moment
Freja: hmm
Arana Stormcrow: do you ant me to do something known, or should I make something up
Freja: a poem would be nice, that will stop me from drink your blood
Arana Stormcrow: πŸ™‚
Arana Stormcrow: dark & lively, or warm and fuzzy?
Freja: your choice
Arana Stormcrow: Fat old sun crimson glaze
Arana Stormcrow: drunken on sweet broken bones of the beast
Arana Stormcrow: forget the course, cowards forced
Arana Stormcrow: who afford the accordance of bitterness lost upon haste
Arana Stormcrow: smoke still burning
What do you wish to track?
Arana Stormcrow: eyes wet with joy
Arana Stormcrow: and hands stained with love
Arana Stormcrow: screamed
Arana Stormcrow: from an echoing godless vod
Arana Stormcrow: above
Freja: :Smiles
Arana Stormcrow: i think thats the best I got
Arana Stormcrow: under the circumstances
Arana Stormcrow: πŸ™
Freja: very well done
Arana Stormcrow: not too bad for freestyle
Freja: I will let yo back to your work
Arana Stormcrow: but I’ve done better
Arana Stormcrow: thank yee
Freja: I will have to run
Arana Stormcrow: πŸ™
Arana Stormcrow: ok
Arana Stormcrow: nice meeting
Arana Stormcrow: and blessed mercies

Bling Bling

Second guy was an elf, and I offered him a little elven wine I had in the bag from the an event.

You see: Bling Bling [ICE]
Freja: hi
Bling Bling: Greetings
Bling Bling: How are ya
Freja: I’m fine and you
Bling Bling: Alright I guess…Pegasus J-D just rolled thru here and attacked me again…
Bling Bling: 2nd time today already
Freja: I left J-D
Bling Bling: =)
Freja: he is young, but a ok guy
Bling Bling: well I don’t see much of his except his spells flyin at me heh
Bling Bling: He hasn’t got me yet tho…..
Freja: he do bring me newbies
Freja: who need NEW
Bling Bling: heh
Freja: I like him a lot
Bling Bling: Well I’m sure you’ve gotten to know him
Bling Bling: To a person who only sees him attacking them it’s a different story =)
Freja: if you was red
Freja: you would feel the same when attacked of blue
Bling Bling: Well being a red you kinda gotta expect it tho
Freja: sometimes there is a nice guy behind
Freja: sometimes a jerk
Freja: you first know
Bling Bling: Because most people that are blue do like to keep the peace
Freja: when you fight them
Bling Bling: WEll I do h ave to say
Freja: har
Freja: they like to stay bue
Freja: blue
Bling Bling: he was nice about killing Kasa/Prissy
Bling Bling: He only looted her regs and gold…
Freja: yes that sounds like him
Bling Bling: More than I could expect from most
Bling Bling: heh
You see: Bling Bling [ICE]
Bling Bling: What are you up to today?
Freja: what do you do so long away from ICE land?
Freja: I’m out looking for handsom men
Bling Bling: My home is vesper, I barely ever travel to our homeland =)
Bling Bling: Most excellent goal indeed heh
Freja: the cats like men and like them to do something to save their life
Freja: like strip, sing or something else
Bling Bling: heh
Bling Bling: Sounds like fun hunting
Freja: most for fun
Bling Bling: =)
Freja: yet we are only Flame and me
Freja: but Chech will join
Bling Bling: =)
Freja: when her new char are ready
Bling Bling: Flame Dancer or Flame?
Freja: only Flame
Bling Bling: k =)
Freja: the real one
Bling Bling: Well I myself am rather new to uo
Bling Bling: I have only played for a month
Freja: an irish girl with alot of temper
Bling Bling: oooh fiesty, my type of gal =)
Freja: red hair
Freja: but careful
Freja: she is wild
Bling Bling: the red heads always gotta temper =)
Freja: I can see I have elven wine in my bag from an event
Bling Bling: =)
Freja: take a drink
Bling Bling: most excellent I would love to have a drink with you =)
Freja: and let me see you dance
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: ooh I’m not much of a dancer….heh
Freja: *hic*
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: what can you else do to make this cat happy?
Freja: *hic*
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: *hic*
Bling Bling: Well I thought atleast having a nice conversation with you would be a start =)
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: And you indeed make it better by bringing the wine =)
Freja: drop cap and let me see a little more of you
Bling Bling: =)
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: now this nasty gorget
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: *hic*
Freja: my vampire teeth hate gorgets
Bling Bling: heh
Freja: *hic*
Freja: a little dance would make it better πŸ˜›
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: *Smiles*
Freja: *hic*
Freja: now glowes
Freja: *hic*
Freja: You feel sober.
Freja: sandales
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: they do not match anyways =)
Freja: tunic
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: *Smiles*
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: =)
Freja: oh forgot arms
Bling Bling: heh
Freja: woot
Bling Bling: heh
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: now we only need the pants
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: come on
Bling Bling: and what do I get in return? =)
Freja: hmm
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: a kiss
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: fair enough
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: =)
Freja: I will control my teeth
Bling Bling: heh
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: *Kiss*
Bling Bling: =)
Bling Bling: *hic*
Freja: *The Cat look happy*
Bling Bling: Well I must say you’re one chillin cat to get me drunk ‘n naked and give me a kiss =)
Freja: hehe
Bling Bling: heh
Freja: nice to meet you
Freja: πŸ™‚
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: you as well ma’am
Bling Bling: Do you live around these parts?
Freja: I better get movung, my “sister” have an order for our vendors
Bling Bling: *hic*
Bling Bling: Ok hun, you have a good day
Freja: see you around


Today when I was out with Flame we found one more. He was running around in Skara Brae mainland.

Β I think he was very scared and he dropped his clothes very fast when we told him to strip. We enslaved him and took him to Flame’s cage.

After he had served us a little and feed us a little with blood, we let him go with a few task to help new with resources.

Flame: *smiles*
Flame: is he free to go
Relkin: Okay
Freja: ok let him leave
Flame: *looks at freja*
Relkin: I thank you for your kindness
Flame: One thing
Relkin: Yes?
Flame: If u fail to do as we ask
Flame: we will hunt u down
Flame: like a rabid dog
Flame: and kill u
Relkin: I understand
Flame: *smiles sweetly*
Relkin: You have my word of Honor
Flame: and u have our promise as cats that we will do as we say should u break it
Flame: *smiles*
Flame: *extends small delicate hand*
Freja: *Smiles*
Relkin: *shakes hands*
Flame: *laughs*
Flame: *sudenly kisses a very passinate kiss*
Flame: u may go
Flame: *chuckles*
Relkin: I suddenly realize that I am naked
Flame: aye u are
Freja: remember no clothes before you out of sight
[Flame]: hehe this fun and handy also
[Flame]: we get em all working for new
[Flame]: Muhahahahahha
[Freja]: yes hehe
Flame: but do not forget
Flame: u have three tasks
Flame: and if u not do em
Flame: we will find u
Flame: *laughs*
Relkin: Okay
Freja: now bow for your ladies
Flame: *looks at freja*
Flame: shall we find another?
Freja: I think I need a rest
Flame: *smiles*
Flame: I think I will see what is about
Flame: *laughs*
Relkin: Is the gate unlocked?
Freja: remember horse
Flame: we will hunt another later or tommorow
Relkin: I shall
Freja: ok
Flame: next time we see u we expect 1k of hides
Flame: for new
Flame: that is your first task
Freja: hehe
Relkin: what type?
Flame: normal
Relkin: okay, I am unable to kill dragons as of yet
Flame: we are not unrelistic
Relkin: *smiles*
Relkin: that’s good to here
Flame: Ik for our children that they may grow and learn
Flame: and wear nice armour doing it
Flame: *laughs*
Relkin: *nods*
Relkin: I will get right on it
Relkin: The door is locked
Flame: *chuckles*


This time we got an Orc, Flame’s home still smell like him πŸ™
It took us long time to run him up, he was fast, even on feets and good to find places to hide.

After long time we got him down and took him to Flame’s house. He was not willing to go in and I had to show him my whip to get him in.

Let me show a few pieces of my log:
Flame: come in
Burz’ark: *pokes wall*
Freja: take whip
Burz’ark: !
Flame: bad orc
Freja: IN
Burz’ark: *grumbles*
Burz’ark: big hut!
Flame: now strip
Burz’ark: !
Flame: nakid
Flame: or clomp good
Flame: *pulls off clothes*
Burz’ark: *grumbles*
Flame: he not got three nipples
Flame: I seen other day
Freja: You nave a barrel?
Burz’ark: har
Flame: yeh downsaires
Freja: better strip
Freja: or you get a bath
Burz’ark: burz ztripd!
Flame: *pulls off trousers*
Flame: *pokes orc*
Flame: it smell
Flame: take boots off
Freja: he sure smell
Burz’ark: burz zmelz guud
Flame: *grabs orc by ear and drags to shower*
Burz’ark: likr mud
Burz’ark: !
Burz’ark: NUUUUB!!!!
Flame: get in shower
Burz’ark: *grabs chair*
Freja: your poor home will smell
Burz’ark: *clings*
Flame: *twists ear*
Freja: for long time
Burz’ark: *claws*
Burz’ark: NUUUUBBB!
Flame: Yes
Flame: we bested u obey!
Flame: in shower
Burz’ark: eniting but de ozgur!
Burz’ark: NUB!
Freja: *Push Urk to the water*
Flame: do as told
Flame: or we will keep u prisoner
Freja: *Push*
Burz’ark: arrargtghhh
Flame: *drags by ear*
Burz’ark: *sniffs*
Freja: hehe
Flame: *wash!*
Flame: *hands soap*
Freja: much better
Burz’ark: *sniffs*
Burz’ark: *cries*
Flame: sees it not washing
Burz’ark: skah diz
Burz’ark: !
Burz’ark: nubhosh ozgur
Flame: *gets rose soap*
Burz’ark: AAAAAAA!
Flame: *washes orc thourorly*
Burz’ark: *cries*
Flame: Dirty orc
Burz’ark: *sniffs*
Flame: *scrubs more*
Flame: U will be clean
Burz’ark: *sighs*
Flame: much better u smell good now
Flame: stay in water
Burz’ark: nuuuuuuuub!
Flame: *pushes*
Burz’ark: burz kleen
Burz’ark: prumiz
Burz’ark: awww
Burz’ark: nuw burzez buut all kleen
Burz’ark: *swallows water*
Flame: now he clean
Burz’ark: *spits at flame*
Burz’ark: har har
Flame: *chuckles*
Flame: *gets tooth brush*
Burz’ark: *cups hands*
Flame: *grabs orc*
Burz’ark: *squirts water at flame*
Flame: lol
Flame: *brushes orcs teeth*
Freja: think he start to like it
Flame: yeh
Burz’ark: *sniffs*
Flame: was sight of my nakid body
Flame: they not have many orc femmies
Flame: *laughs*
Burz’ark: !
Burz’ark: *grumbles*
Burz’ark: burz habz feurk1
Flame: now u nice and clean
Flame: u can dance in water
Burz’ark: *opens mouth*
Flame: see water nice
Burz’ark: *pokes teeth*
Burz’ark: nubhosh!
Flame: *cleans more*
Flame: Ewwwwww