Siege Perilous, the shard I love

I have been playing on Siege Perilous sinse the shard was up. I love the shard, even when it is very unbalanced when it comes to PvP (Player vs Player).
We can kill and loot each others but items like armor and weapon are balanced vs other shards Item Insurance. As items not get lost there, they made them harder to get.

That do not work well on Siege, where you can lose a suit 5 mins after you paid a high price for it orĀ  worked hours/days to get it.

It was not so bad the first years, then we got the Public, Age of Shadows, that had changes to items. Easy made GM items become useless in PvP, you had to do a lot of PvM (Player vs Monsters) to get good items for PvP and most PvP players do not really want to do PvM.

It effected the shard as whole and most PK’s (Player killers) turned soft and did not loot much in the hope, that non PvP’ers was more willing to give them a fight.

With the last years changes, crafters can again make useful item but it is expensive in resources and very time easing. Also to serve all the templated out there now, a crafter will need to stock several kind of suits.

Here we got a new problem, vendor fee, when stocking expensive stuff, that may hang there a few weeks, before the right customer see it, is very expensive in vendor fee and it’s not worth the efford for the crafter.

My life here

Still, I’m still here and over the years, I have a lot data in my journals for stories about my life on the shard Siege Perilous.

The first story are about my first days on Siege Perilous. It was fun, as the shard was new and all was newborn but not new to UO.

Two players went red already the first day there. I found it cool, but not all was happy and run to town and the farmland, where they could do mining inside town zone.

I needed the skills more than the little ingots I got so getting killed was not a big problem. As I choose to stay and share my ingots with this newborn PK’s, they choose to respect me for it and they even guarded me, when I was moving my pile of ingots step by step to the forge, so no other miners stole my ingots and they killed a troll, that come in the mining cave and tried to kill me. I had no fighting skills yet, so I was not able to kill it.

How you act vs PK’s do effect how they act vs you. If you show some courage and hide your fear and try interact wirth them, fight them or RP with them, it will pay off.

The first player runned event I was to on Siege, was in a player town, known as Safe Haven. Safe was not the right name for the town as it was a hot spot, with lots of vendors and lots of PvP attack. The town had players who took the role as guards and tried to keep the rules there. All was allowed to visit and to shop as long they did not attack or steal in the town. That did mean reds (PKs) was welcome too as long the accepted the rules.

Now not all blue was peaceful and some of them was noto PKs, who would kill and loot anyone, who could not give them a murderer count, even a RP PK like me, who only tried to share some fun with my victims.

The Bazaar was at the large guard tower in the center of the town. I do not have journal data for the first Bazaar, but I have for the second one and it was really peaceful, even when I believe half of the visitors was red.
Enjoy eading it. I still need to rewrite it to a story and just lot the log from my journal.

Next story are from a guild I made with a friend. The guild never got old, but we had fun with a little female evil RP and it did not seem like the males liked interact with us.

The next stories are a bout a guild Undead Lords [UDL]. They was a very strong PvP guild and roleplayers too.

When I first meet them, I was running my guild The Dark Outlaws [TDO] and I had lots of young players in the guild. I successed getting a deal with them about my young members. They told me, my young members souls was to weak to please their God Myrkul, so they would go easy on them. That did mainly mean, they would kill them but not loot them if they was running in crappy training suit.

I ended up getting several friends in the guild, but they did not let everyone in.
It took around 2 months to become a full member, one month as slave and one as squire with a Undead Lord as mentor.

Lots of PK’s tried to join them, but only few of them made it past the slave time, as they was not willing to bow and take orders, they feeled UDL should respect them for being a feared and hardcore PK/PvP’er, but that was not enough to get in the guild.
It took me a while and a few stories on their forum before I was invited.

Then I had to survive as a mortal slave and later a squire to Lord Mark before I made it to my knighting. I had not finished the story about my knighting yet, but it will come.

Here is a few stories from my slave time, we had to post a story a week on their forum as a part of the slave time.

I only have one story ready so far from my squire time
Enjoy reading


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