Thengel o Gondor and Kindered Spirit

Thengel o Gondor and Kindered Spirit.

Freja was out looking for someone to play with, when she sees this two people, Thengel o Gondor and Kindered Spirit.
Kindered Spirit look like a newbie, and Thengel o Gondor had earned some fame. Freja is still blue as she only killed a few players.

Kindered Spirit saw Freja and said: Greetings friend.
Hail Freja said and looked at Thengel and asked: You look heavy, let me help you carrying some of your good stuff or give me your money, and you won’t get hurt.

Nice Armor Thengel said and ignored Freja’s demand. He turned to Kindered Spired and started to speak to her.
Thengel o Gondor: we just need to get organized
Freja: but I want your money
Thengel o Gondor: You can catch me tonight maybe
Kindered Spirit laugh and say I’m poor friend, cant afford even a loaf of bread

Freja look at her and agree she look young and poor.
Thengel o Gondor said, I only have leather
Can I take a look, Freja asked
Thengel o Gondor smiles and say, I made hers
This is all I have Kindered Spirit say
Freja looked in Thengel’s backpack and find some money
Freja looked hard at Thengel and said: You do have money.
Oh Thengel said.

I know a lot poor guys, who need them more than you Freja said.
Kindered Spirit laugh and Thengel start to tracking some monsters and ignore Freja and say I forgot about the reapers and mage and gazer.
A few monsters show up.
I’m poor, Kindered Spirit said, Thengel smiles to her.
A lot of poor guys around here, let me have the money for them, Freja said

Kindered Spirit start to provoking the monsters to attack each others
Freja decided to help kill the monsters.
We got it, Thengel said
Kindered Spirit laughed and said, damn dire wolves.
Freja looked at them and waited a little more.
Thengel is mumbling something.

Freja takes a closer look at Thengel. He is a tailor but in plate armor do not look weak.
They keep smiling to each others. What about the money to the poor, will you give me them? Freja asked again
You are role playing, this is a good thing, Kindered Spirit said.
Nope! Thengel said
Or do I need to kill you to get them? Freja asked
Yup, Thengel replied and they both smiled.

Damn I hate to see blood, Freja said and smiled
Kindered Spirit laughed and said: change the color
Special mine Freja said
Cool, Yop, I’m late for class Thengel said
Kindered Spirit say: this possible to do, I do have a red though…
Freja say: but I see, I have no choice, if my poor friends must have food today.
Farewell Thengel, Kindered Spirit said

Freja are attacking Thengel o Gondor
Freja hear lovely music, and forget to continue battling (That was Kindereds music, she is a bard)
Freja attack again, Kindered Spirit start to heal Thengel and again she play that damn music and Freja have to focus hard to get her arrows of the bow.

Thengel died but he did not show his ghost so Freja could not res him. He did report her so Freja was one step closer to turn red.
Thengel did not come back. He sure had a lot of strength; I could not carry all his stuff so I gave most to Kindered Spirit. She said she loved my style; she hated all the lame PK’s

The rest of the story will be in the format direct from my chat log. There are a lot of spelling errors but UO players comes from all over the world and not all do well on typing and playing at same time.
Kindered Spirit: at least ya roleplay
Kindered Spirit: nah sorry
Freja: and came back
Kindered Spirit: I like ya stile
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Freja: thx
Kindered Spirit: err style
Kindered Spirit: tis ok
Freja: I only want the money
Kindered Spirit: I hate all the lame pks
Kindered Spirit: that just corp por
Freja: true
Kindered Spirit: style is kewl
Kindered Spirit: I dont like you…
Freja: I try to changes that
Kindered Spirit: but at least ya…
Kindered Spirit: gave him a chance
Freja: yes
Freja: but tell him to come back
Kindered Spirit: I cant
Kindered Spirit: just meet him now
Freja: oh
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Kindered Spirit: was is that>
Kindered Spirit: were you to tell him something?

Freja: how could he carry all this.
Kindered Spirit: hes muleing no doubt
Kindered Spirit: trying to earn a living
Kindered Spirit: and you pick not on the weak…
Kindered Spirit: this is good
Freja: yes
Kindered Spirit: he was of some statue
Kindered Spirit: I hate those pk newbie killers
Freja: me too
Kindered Spirit: tis good..

Freja: can you carry that
*Dropping a bag on ground*
Kindered Spirit: dunno
Freja: to he get back
Kindered Spirit: Ill try
Kindered Spirit: ahh..
You see: Rand Al’Thor

*This guy Rand Al’Thor was a known Noto PK who would attack any grey or red and I was not in the mood for him now. I was grey from moving stuff on the body*
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Kindered Spirit: will try
Freja: I’m over loaded, but I don’t want looters to take it
Kindered Spirit: ahh thx
Kindered Spirit: I guess
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Freja: where are you from?
Kindered Spirit: Australia
Freja: Denmark
Kindered Spirit: ahh..
Kindered Spirit: Im frozen to the spot in fear of your presence
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Kindered Spirit: *quivers*
Freja: hope he will be back soon
Kindered Spirit: so do I…
Kindered Spirit: I though ususally
Kindered Spirit: leave my corpse
Kindered Spirit: he was gonna go to school though
Freja: that stupid
Kindered Spirit: so I dunno
Freja: many will let you keep a lot
Kindered Spirit: might have just turned off…
Freja: maybe
Kindered Spirit: ahh..
Freja: I think I may gate home then
*was possible to gate overloaded at that time*
Kindered Spirit: yeah, I usually dont have anything on me
Kindered Spirit: hehe to loose
Kindered Spirit: a tiny amount of regs
Kindered Spirit: a few ods and ends
Freja: I will give him 5 min more
Kindered Spirit: nothing
Kindered Spirit: ahh…
Kindered Spirit: I am just building skill
Kindered Spirit: i need not earthy possesions
Kindered Spirit: I have my instument
Kindered Spirit: that tis all i need
Kindered Spirit: to calm and sooth
Freja: he he
Kindered Spirit: and to make anger
Kindered Spirit: I only have this armour for the kind soul
Kindered Spirit: that you mercylessly
Kindered Spirit: slaughtered
Kindered Spirit: with great glee
Kindered Spirit: he passed on his goods to me
Freja: I sad I did need to do it
Kindered Spirit: so that I may…
Kindered Spirit: hehe I know
Kindered Spirit: tis a good kill
Kindered Spirit: if that is possible
Freja: to good
Kindered Spirit: if only….
Freja: he had a lot
Kindered Spirit: it was all that
Kindered Spirit: way
Kindered Spirit: jeez, even my gm mage…
Kindered Spirit: carries very little
Kindered Spirit: maybe 40-50 each reg
Kindered Spirit: nothing to loose
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Freja: most of it was armor he had made
Kindered Spirit: ahh..
Kindered Spirit: muleing
Kindered Spirit: ya evil mule killer
Kindered Spirit: haah
Freja: he he
Kindered Spirit: just dont kill miners
Kindered Spirit: tis all I ask]
Freja: give me what you can’t walk with
Freja: I will gate home
Kindered Spirit: I can carry all I have
You can carry 334 but have 416 on you.
Freja: no thx
She try to give me a little money.
Kindered Spirit: Im terrified
You see: 78 gold coin
You can carry 334 but have 415 on you.
Kindered Spirit: tis all i have
Kindered Spirit: thank you milord
Freja: can you carry more
Freja: Lady
Kindered Spirit: *quivers*
Kindered Spirit: yeah sure can
Freja: I’m female
Kindered Spirit: *sweat beads down her face*
Freja: laaaag
Kindered Spirit: I am sorry milady…
Freja: how nuch stone more can you carry
Kindered Spirit: I need mine glasses
Kindered Spirit: 70-80
Freja: where are you
You see: Kindered Spirit
Kindered Spirit: hiding in the trees…
Kindered Spirit: arrg
You can carry 334 but have 415 on you.
You are overloaded. You can carry 334 stones, but are carrying 416 stones.
Kindered Spirit: dont hurt me
Kindered Spirit: your eyes are cruel
Kindered Spirit: I cannot move through terror
Kindered Spirit: of thee
Freja: take that to
Kindered Spirit: thx milady..
Freja: np
Freja: you need it more than me
Kindered Spirit: quivers away…
You can carry 334 but have 395 on you.
Kindered Spirit: arrrrg
Kindered Spirit: help
Kindered Spirit: thx
Kindered Spirit: hehe
Freja: bye Mylady
Kindered Spirit: arrrg
Freja: Vas Rel Por
Freja: Select Marked item.
Kindered Spirit: fare thee evil
Kindered Spirit: away with thee swine
Kindered Spirit: arrrrggg.
Kindered Spirit: a mistake
Look like she has trouble with her marcoes
Your house’s age and its contents have been refreshed.
Freja: You have hidden yourself well.
This gave me murder count #4, and the day after, then I killed a guy, who attack a newbie, there was grey for attacking a blue animal, I became red. I don’t mind to be red, and I don’t mind to see my vendor die, but I can’t accept stat loss. That to high a price to pay, for being a red roleplaying pk.

——– A few days later ——-

Thengel o Gondor: [Footman, ROC]
You see: Thengel o Gondor
You see: Melange
Freja: hi
Thengel o Gondor: hail
Freja: nice to see you
Freja: sorry
Thengel o Gondor: oh
Thengel o Gondor: hehe
Freja: you did not
Freja: come back
Freja: I was waiting
Freja: with your stuff
Thengel o Gondor: huh?
You notice Big Dog trying to steal 21 clean bandages from Thengel o Gondor.
Thengel o Gondor: do i know you?
Freja: yes
Freja: I killed you
Freja: a week ago
Thengel o Gondor: ahh
Thengel o Gondor: i had class
Freja: I know
Freja: 🙁
Thengel o Gondor: i was late
Freja: thx for the fight
Thengel o Gondor: i lost a lot
Thengel o Gondor: hehe
Freja: I gave most
Freja: to your poor friend
Thengel o Gondor: ahh
Thengel o Gondor: thx
Thengel o Gondor: kindred spirit
Freja: I did only want the money
Thengel o Gondor: k
Freja: I would had given you everything else back
Freja: *Look sad*
Thengel o Gondor: hehe
Freja: you not was able to came back
Thengel o Gondor: nah
Thengel o Gondor: [Footman, ROC]
Thengel o Gondor: was fun though
You notice Big Dog trying to steal sandals from Melange.
Freja: I’m glad to hear that
Thengel o Gondor: i almost got away
Thengel o Gondor: hehe
Freja: he he
Thengel o Gondor: got fatigued
Thengel o Gondor: hehe\
Freja: it was my best rob
Freja: best interact
Thengel o Gondor: really?
Freja: most just run
Freja: or recall
Thengel o Gondor: hehe
Thengel o Gondor: thx
Thengel o Gondor: i did learn some roleplaying outta that
Freja: if you need anything, just tell me
Freja: I try to show
Freja: that evil RP
Thengel o Gondor: hehe
Freja: can be a good part
Melange: *Melangecarves 3 shafts.*
Freja: of the game
Thengel o Gondor: tdo?
Thengel o Gondor: whos that?
Freja: The Dark Outlaws
Thengel o Gondor: ahhh

I always gave my victims a chance to get away, if they did not accept the fight: maybe with an arrow or two in their back, but always alive. Thengel did accept the fight. This is still is after 19 years, one of my best kills.