A journal of a slave

Much of my times go with being around the tower to serve the lords when they need something. I’m happy when I’m able get the items they must need, that be shoes, clothes, armor, mount or other needed items.
Sometimes I get a more difficult task, and for a while I will be busy and not have to worry about how to serve my lords. I’m lucky I have my sisters, who can help me, when the lords need some crafting done. My sisters is very well skilled, they are able to make armor in leather and ingots, weapons, bows, clothes, furnitures, potions and tools.

I’m trying to improve my fighting skill, with dueling with the lords. I die a lot, and archery is not the best skill to kill with, but I do stand longer now as I use to do, but it’s still not good enough.

The lords had been debating my skills, some of them want me to changes to fencing, but Mark, Excalibur and Drannon wanted me to keep archery, so I’m happy. I love my bow and would hate to give it up.

The few times I had been out on hunts with the lords, I had not done very well, I still die to fast when 2-3 mages choose to target me, I’m to slow to keep my health up.

In my spare time, when no lords around to serve, I had been travelling around to my old hunting spots in East Woods and around Safe Haven looking for souls to Myrkul.

Many of the mortals seam new to our land, and did not know how to praise Myrkul. They gave up their soul easy and did only care about their belongings. I raised them again and told them to grow stronger to next time they cross my way, Myrkul want strong and brave souls.

Safe Haven had been empty the last days, not even the guards seem to be around. In East Woods, I had seen two groups of mortals, known as vbb and EBR.

I remember I know East Brit Rangers before, they become defenders of the forest, now they seem to hunt the same people they before was defending. They was slow and was not able to follow me, if I did not wanted to fight 3 of them.

The other group vbb, do I not know much about. I believe, I remember one of them, Redfoot. I meet 4 of them, but then I run a little away to hide, they was searching the area to find me, but even when they almost pushed me out of hiding, they did not see me.

I was out collecting souls with a fellow slave, Shark. I had missed hunting with him. He was one of my outlaws long ago. When I found him in the woods, he was new to our land. He had improved a lot and it was great to be hunting with him again.

Freja, Slave of Myrkul