Journal of a slave (part 2)

Freja was out looking for souls for Myrkul, when she saw someone she remembered from the past. She knew Ricky’s shield would make trouble for her bow. Freja first tried her orc bow, but it could not do any damage against the shield.
Freja then armed her heavy cross bow, that was better, but Ricky was to fast to heal. Freja then tried to poison Ricky to delay the healing, but that delayed the shot from Frejas bow too, so she was still not able to claim this soul for Myrkul.

3 mortals from a group called SKB show up, attacked Ricky, asked Freja if she needed help, Freja got a little confuse, She know, if they not had been 3, she would had tried to claim their souls for Myrkul. She remembered she had known them in the past, but that did not really mean anything more, souls for Myrkul was her goal.

Freja told them, she did not want any help. She wanted this soul for Myrkul.

Freja did not get Ricky’s soul this time. She had to leave, when she heard her Master Lord Manshoon Chembyl voice, Slave I have a task for you. She knew, letting this master wait would not be good, so she decided to get this soul later, and told Ricky, she would be back to claim her soul.

When she show up at Lord Manshoon Chembyl place, she could see, she had not been fast enough, the air was loaded of his anger, and she almost freeze up of fear and forgot to bow and ask what he wanted from her.

Lord Manshoon Chembyl taps his foot, and Freja could feel his anger grow, she bowed and said Hello M’Lord, is there anything you request of me?

Aye filthy one, Lord Manshoon said, and some magic words left his mouth, and Freja feelt the power, when she smash against the wall in his house. She got on her feets again, bowed and said Thank you Myrkul, may I have another?

The next words from Lord Manshoon, made Freja freeze up in fear again.
Recongize your god damn Lord when you see him!. Your just a filthy slave. And you must know your place around one such as me. Now follow.

Freja worked hard to fill her master Lord Manshoons wish so fast and well as it was possible for her, and after an hour of intense hard work she feelt his anger against her was almost gone.

She looked at this amazing undead, who in same time filled her with fear and draged her and made her wish to be like him, and being the one he called, made her very happy. She know one of her fellow slaves refuse to come, and she do not even want to think about what Lord Manshoon will do to him, when he find him.

Freja look forwards for the next tasks from her masters and to the hunts with them, even when she not yet had done well in group hunts. She know she need to be better to heal with magic, because healing with bandages is only useful if she is close to the one she try to heal.

Freja, Slave of Myrkul