The first stories are now added to the page

Hello all

I hope you enjoy reading. I know my English could be better, but you have to live with that 🙂 I did write them long ago. I will try to fix some of the errors in them.

I will also try to add some images to the stories.

My first story is what I remember from I started dec. 1997. Frejas first steps in UO

I believe it is a lot more complicated to be a newbie now year 2017, so much more to learn, so much more contents, so many more choices to make.

I enjoyed every minut of the game at that time, It was exciting, I feeled like a cat with unlimit lifes. I could risk dying, sure I could lose some stuff, but it was possible to replace it.

Not all enjoyed the game as much as me, a lot was staying in town, to scared to leave town. when they later made devs change the game, so it become more safe, I was not happy, to me, safe = boring, less excited.

The next story are short and was a bad day.

A trip to the dungeon Shame

It was not  bad say, because I died and lost stuff but because they was so rude, no RP, no chatting, just on a power trip.

Still I learned one more thing from it, hide a bag with a second rune and a few regents outside the dungeon. I still have a lot great memories about Dread Lords, it did not stop me going to dungeons.

I got stronger and we got new stuff in the game, including houses. This story is about how I got my first house and how to keep it.

The Great Lady

The little wannabe a PK, I got the house with, I believe it was him who learned me how to not lose my house key.

Even when the place we choose to place the house, was in a PK village, I started to do a lot of my hunting and gathering for resources in the forest around it.

I earned to know the local red and blue. Many of the blue disliked, that got friends between the reds, still in year 2017, i have that problem but it is not really my problem 🙂

When the game changed, because a lot was crying loud about the reds and not being able to play the game, my game changed too, as a lot of the reds gave up. Freja was never born to be evil but evil RP can be fun for both sides. The next 2 stories are about that. Forgive me my grammar, some of them written several years ago.

Freja become a highwaywoman

Thengel o Gondor and Kindered Spirit

The last story I added so far is about the shard I moved to sep. 1999 and still play.

The shard Siege Perilous


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