Freja become a highwaywoman

Freja become a highwaywoman.

Freja was born as miner but those to then I become a hunter and tailor, who travel to the dungeons and fought monsters and run from the reds, but when there was less monsters and PK’s to fight now and she wanted more action in her life, She had some good red friends and she join them a few times when they were hunting. It was fun when they attack someone, and he was fighting for his life and ended up dying.

Freja wanted to do it a little differently, she did not like the fact that the victim never had a fair chance, and that he had no choice; it was not the way she wants to treat her victims, so she began to hunt alone.When she saw a lonely player, she would stop him and say:

Give me what I want, and you won’t get hurt. Gold, regs, arrow/bolts and feather will be fine.

They were different, some would run, some would recall out, some would be so scared that they could not do more than just hide. A few wanted to talk to rescue their lives and property, and a few would attack Freja, and she had to try to save her skin.:-)

If they say No, or do nothing, Freja will ask: Do you want me to kill you, and loot your body, or do you want to give something, and stay alive?

Then again some would run, some would recall out, some would be so scared that they could not do more than just hide. A few wanted to talk to rescue their lives and property, and a few would now try to attack Freja,

Freja did not attack them yet, but sometimes she did paralyze them to make them stay.

There are some who will take it very nice, and give Freja something, not always because they fear her, but sometimes because she gives them a choice, and not just try to kill them. Others will attack Freja but stop before they kill her. They just want to show that they would not let Freja have something, and that they respect Freja’s style of play.

Freja would also try this with newbie’s. It’s not easy to see, who is new to this world, most times, they do not have anything Freja want. They are not chickens, they stay, and tell Freja, that they have nothing, and let her look in their bag. Sometimes, they give her a piece of food, or a few regs, they had pick up at the ground. A sweet guy, gave Freja a nightshade, and said, a flower for you milady.  An other guy, told Freja, she could have a kiss (Freja do look great).

Freja do never attack newbie’s, and most times, she says, that, they have anything she need, and they are free to go. Most say thank you for not killing me, and later if they see Freja, and they have some feather, they don’t need, they give them to her, and say, they want her to have them.

Freja like this newbie’s, and do what she can to help them, with telling them about the game, and if they need something, she will try to get it to them.

If Freja’s victims stay and hand over something, she bows for them, and say:

Thanks milord /milady, have a nice day, and take care.

But if they won’t give Freja anything, and they are strong enough to use plate, or they are 2nd fame or more, she will attack them, and this time, she will try to kill them unless they start to speak. It’s only very few times, Freja had to kill someone.

One night, there was 2 guy’s, one of them, was an old victim, Freja had tried to rob a few days ago, I don’t remember how it went out. Freja did not know the other guy, so she started to demand the new guy to hand over something, (they was not together) with the risk, that the first one would help the new one. The new guy was passive, moved a little, and did only say no, so I end up with attacking him. Then I hear a Corp Poor, from the old victim, but I was not the target, and he said, “She warning you”, and Freja did not get a chance to give the poor guy a chance more to speak or hand over something, before a Corp Poor more hit him, and he was dead. He had some nice loot, plate armor and regs, Freja looted it to be sure he could get it back.

The dead guy, did not want to speak as ghost, Freja keep his stuff in a bag in my house for a few weeks. Freja feared he had a bad connection with a lot lag or had lost connection. In that case, Freja would give him his stuff back, if she saw him again, but she never saw him again.

I do not do this for the loot, but because I like the role play and I believe my victim like it too.

An other day and other fun stories

A guy attacked Freja, when she ask for his stuff, then he found out, that he could not kill her

He then run to town, with Freja after him. (Freja was still blue, it was before she managed to kill 5 and get reported 5 times so it was him, who was grey). 2 times they stop and fight, and Freja told him to stop and gave him time to heal, but he would not stop.

Then he runs to the small bank of Britain, and 2 times around it, with Freja in his tail, she could not hit him with her bow, when both he and she were running. All the time, he was yelling ”KILL THAT PK”, but it was not Freja there had attacked, and none could hurt Freja in town :-), then Freja stopped, and told him one time more, that he won’t die.

He was mad, and blame Freja for cheating, stealing and for being a blue pk.

Freja do not steal and she does not cheat.

Freja told him, that she was a blue PK, because she had kill 5 players to become red and only if they all 5 reported her.

If Freja attack and kill one, she do get a murder count (if they report her), but that guy attack her, and she was free to kill him, but she did not, and she would never had given him a murder count, if he had killed her.

Freja don’t know, why she did not killed him, Maybe because, he was so angry.

She tried to tell him, that she was not much of a PK, and she was not going to attack him, no plate, no 2nd fame so he was still to weak to be a challenge. Freja was not cheating or stealing and she asked him 2 times to stop, but he did not listen.

So Freja told him, that she would look for him in the woods, and if she saw him, she will try to rob him again, that made him even angrier 🙂

I had a lot of fun with my RP, and I tried to find someone, there would join me, I needed someone to help me to stop them from running or recalling, because I had to many runners and recallers.

I want to trap them, so they had to stay, maybe box them or maybe have a thief to steal their pearls, so they could not recall, but I still wanted them to have a choice, and I was not doing this to get their items, if they acted nice, and wanted to make a deal, I will accept almost anything.

Sometimes, when a someone are fighting some monsters, and they ask me to help, I say, ok, but I’m not out for killing monsters, that’s not my target, just to see how they react. Sometimes they run and leave their monsters, and a lot of times, one guy recall, and let his friend or guild mate stay without help. Some ask me, are you a PK and I say yes, and attack one of them. Most of them just run, and I let them run.

Other timer, I say to a guy, who are fighting monsters: When you are done with your monsters, I’m going to rob you. This gives them time to speak, but it do also scare them. A guy run, just when his monster died, and he hided a little away, I looted his monster and tracked him, found him, and asked: Why did you run from your loot, but I could not make him saying anything, he was afraid, I would attack his words. So I placed the bag close to him, and told him, that it was his loot, and I’m not going to hurt him, I did only want to scare him. It took a while, before he trusted me so much, that he unhides again.

I sometimes tell players, that I like their armor, and most say thanks, and I say, are you ready to fight to keep it, and again have a problem with running or recalling guys.

One guy say, “ups, time for running”, when I told him, that I like his armor, and I ask why, and he say, last time a guy told him, that he like his armor, he was killed and lost it. He did not run, and I did not attack.

The funny thing is, when a player is “cool” and not run, but take it easy, and talk to PK, as he is a normal peaceful player, many PK forget to attack. That’s the way I found many of my friends between the PK’s. A guy who yells of you and call you a lot of shit, is much easier to attack and kill, as the guy who treat you kindly and with respect

It’s much like with a dog, if you are scared of it, it can feel it and if you run, it will attack. If you show no fear, the dog or the PK won’t look at you as a victim. The PK get confuse, maybe you are a friend, maybe you are stronger than him and he should not attack.

I do not get much loot this way, but I do enjoy interacting with players. My money mostly come from killing monsters and from making bolt and GH potions, and sells them on my vendor.

Want a trip more to my world? Here is a story from one of Freja’s first kills. This was in the world known as Atlantic, long before the world changed and was split in two worlds called Trammel and Felucca.

Trammel: Restrictions or impediments to freedom of action.

Felucca: A traditional wooden sailing boat.

Even when some will mean, Trammel are freedom from dealing with player killers and thieves it is a limited world as you have to call a game master to help vs. troublemakers, who will find other ways to ruin your day, I love the freedom in Felucca. It was a big mistake that they choose to put both worlds on same servers/shards. It did split the community and I feel it had been better with Happy Shards and Dark Shards, where the Dark Shards was the old rule set with freedom to make player justice to handle troublemakers.

The story I now will tell, show a little about evil role-play, where the good side choose to play along.