The Voice

Farewell to my family

Freja is looking around in the village known as East Bay Village east of Britain. The house for the poor and weak, who search help in was empty, is not really needed more. Times got better for the youngs joining oure land. The merchants in the village is doing well and the warriors should be able to protect them.
The Queen looked around, and she decide, that her job is done, and it’s time for her to follow her heart. She know, she will have to give up a lot, she know, the way she wish to go is hard.

She waves goodbye, her familie is crying, but she can’t stay, there is nothing more for her to do in the village.

She walk out of the road, she see a castle, the way is long, she know, she will have to forget her life as queen and slave will be her title. It does not really scared her. She feel the cold air, coming from the castle and hear a call, she had resisted for very long time.

She is ready, she walks to the gatekeeper and hope she will be let in.


This castle scares her, but it also drags her closer. Sometimes she see the creatures living there, ride out getting souls to their God Myrkul. Freja wish she could ride with them, she feels, this is where she belong.
She knows, the price she will have to pay is high. She will have to forget her friends and even try to get their souls for Myrkul, but she will get a new family to replace the loose. She had feel Myrkuls call long times now.

She made her choice a while ago, when she told her old family farewell. Now, she is riding restless around, hoping she someday will be found worthy to ride with this Dreaded Undead Lords.

Not long ago, she gave up her soul to be close to them and see her lost brother Excalibur be knighted as a Undead Lord. Between them was also an old friend Fogma. She lost him long ago. He was between the Undeads, who after the ceremony, claimed her soul for Myrkul.

It’s not first time, he or Excaliber had claimed her soul, but she can’t hate them for it, she know, that they had forgot her and to them, she is only a mortal, and she hope her soul did pleasure Myrkul.

She hope the day will come, when they demand her to be Myrkuls slave and she will get a chance to prove she is worthy to ride with them.

The voice

This voice, for months she thought it was gone, but now it’s again grow stronger. she can’t no longer resist it. she can’t close my ears; the call had got so strong the last week.

The call comes from other side of the swamp. she went to there last night, to see what it was, that seam to take over her mind. At the place, she found 2 undead creatures. They remembered her about 2 mortals she had known long time ago.

One was Excalibur, who once was an Outlaws in TDO but left to follow the same voice, she now feel demand her to do the same.

When Excalibur left TDO, he forgot all about his family. In the first time, she sometime believed she saw a flash in his eyes, like he remembered a little about his fmily, but when she meet him last nigh, there was no flash in his eyes, he did not remember her anymore.

He told Freja to prove herself worthy to serve Myrkul as slave.

She tried to defend herself but did not success it very well.

The other one had always scared her when he shows up. She was not sure he ever had been mortal. His name was Mark.

Lord Mark gave Freja a large among of gold and told her to give it to her sisters. If they in a week could buy resources and make the stuff he was in need of, he will try to teach her how I best can serve her new masters.

This will keep her and her sisters very busy the next days. She really hope they will manage to do the job in a way that satisfies our new masters. Tina will help, but she will not be happy for her sisters choice.

Lord Mark also demanded her trade her old clothes for an ugly slave uniform. She is no  more Queen of the Outlaws, She nothing, not even worthy to be a slave yet.

For her sisters, it won’t make much diff, they have long time been a slave of their vendors, so a new master can’t be much worse. Their life had always been to serve the evil in the land.

Then she left her home without looking back. she have to follow this voice, and hope she will prove myself worthy to be a slave.