The shard Siege Perilous

Siege Perilous

A new Shard was born with a different rule set. It was a shard without the stat loss for reds and it would not get the facet with Trammel rules.

The shard was wiped once before it become permanent. The reason was some kind of duping of gold.

The start and some fact:

When the shard was up first time, before the wipe, it was without RoT and a few other rules that were added after the wipe. A lot did start but sadly, many did not come back after the wipe.

Siege Perilous Test Shard did open on July 16th!

Siege Perilous is Up! Jul 30 1999 10:42AM

The Siege Perilous Shard is now available and running as a permanent shard. Good luck and have fun!!

A few changes were made:

Siege Perilous: NPC Escorts Jul 30 1999 5:10PM

We have received many support calls on the Seige Perilous shard regarding escorting NPCs. A player may only escort one NPC every 15 minutes.

Siege Perilous Update Aug 13 1999 5:21PM

After Siege Perilous returns from its 5am CST scheduled maintenance on Saturday, August 14, the following changes will be implemented:

  • You will no longer be able to mark any runes in a dungeon.
  • You will not able to gate into or out of a dungeon, even with a previously marked dungeon rune.
  • It will not be possible to place boats in a dungeon.
  • Any boats currently in a dungeon will be deleted automatically after the maintenance.

The Siege rules as they were the first year:

  1. No stat loss – all the other shards did still have stat loss
  2. No recall (there was gating but no easy escape from recall)
  3. No gating in and out of dungeon. (This made it a little harder but also for the PK’s)
  4. Only one char on an account (On normal Shards, you could make 5 chars on an account)
  5. Red and grey can’t kick/ban from houses. (that did make life harder for reds and not many would friend them to their house)
  6. Red and grey will clean the ban list in houses; they are friend of, when they use the door. (This 2 rules was lost, when we got new customizing houses)
  7. NPC vendors take 3x the price for their wares.
  8. NPC won’t buy your wares – they did sell resources the first years

9.  Player vendors take 3x fee for working. (that rule are gone now)

  1. The murderer title is gone for good. (The murderer title was still on normal shards for several years)
  2. No bounty system (that is gone from all shards now)
  3. Guards at the houses is peacefull, they do not attack reds. (There was some plans about guards in player houses on all shard, think it was dropped before it hit the shards)
  4. RoT, Rate over Time skill gain for non resourse using skills. (It started as 0 in skills and trust me it was slow so we had alot archers and mages as that was not RoT skills. Over the years, ROT had changed and now we love it)
  5. No Trammel

Over the years, the shard had changed a lot., # 5, 6, 9 and 12 is removed and RoT, Rate over Time system are much faster now.